1. With a spacious and long contact area, the GIB Guide maintains consistent precision of the machinery during side-to-side motions.

2. By having the GIB and plunger guide offset couple force on the side, fatigue is reduced and precision is consistently maintained during bending processes and long term use.

3. The application of a special Guide metal makes abrasion due to long-term use nonexistent.


During proper operation and according to the operating speed displacement based on the unique crank angle curve due to the knuckle structure's characteristic slow movement near the bottom dead center, little noise is produced, making it suitable for precision compression manufacturing(coining, embossing, sizing, swaging, etc.)

1. The application of an electric slide control device has reduced the metal setting time, making it possible to control to the 1/10mm.

2. Internal durability was enhanced by using heat processing on a specialty steel material on each shaft, pin, and link area of the drive and load unit.

3. Hydraulic overload safety device overloading due to operational failure or metal jamming is quickly dealt with(within 0.1 seconds) by automatically shutting the machinery off. Restarting the machinery is also easy.

4. The application of a high-capacity circulation and shower automatic oil-feeding device makes it possible to adjust oil-feeding volumes and halt the machinery when oil runs out, to prevent critical damage to the machinery.

5. The combination clutch&brake makes sudden stops possible and allows for easy maintenance

6. The bolster, which is wider than a general knuckle press, makes transfer and processing also increases productivity and cuts costs.

7. The digital die height meter can be adjusted to the 1/10mm, reducing metal replacement time and making numerical adjustments possible. In addition, when deviations occur in excess of the controlled range, it automatically stops and protects the machinery.


1. The main control board, which can monitor and control the overall status of the press machine, is easy to operate, resulting in an increase in operator efficiency.

2. An interlock circuit placing safety first was applied to the main circuit.

3. Angle decomposition using a rotary encoder makes it possible to place the slide with precision.

4. An inverter was applied to the main motor, resulting in equal torque across all SPM

5. Angle sequencing was applied, making precision location control more possible than with a rotary cam.
- The digital angle display shows the location of the slide when the current SPM has stopped. Regardless of the change in speed of the machine, the current location is remembered even during blackouts.

Through the use of a high-capacity balance cylinder, the slide is efficiently moved, while vibration is reduced. Balance forces incurred according to stroke displacement were also minimized.